Skype’s Active Endpoint ensures you only see notifications on the device you’re using


Skype's Active Endpoint ensures you only see notifications on the device you're using

It’s great to be connected, but it can get too much. You’ve probably experienced the annoyance of being signed into Skype on multiple devices and being inundated with notifications when a new message comes through. When you using your desktop or laptop, the chances are that you have your phone close by. If you receive a message, you only need to be told once, and this is where Active Endpoint helps.

It’s a new feature of Skype that ensures that, no matter how many devices you may happen to be signed into, you’ll only receive notifications on the one you’re actively using. The change to notifications only applies to chat messages, and should you stop actively using all of your devices, they will all sound when a new message arrives — but until that time, you’ll only be notified on the device you’re working with.

Calls are still handled in the same way as before. When you receive a call, all of the devices you are signed into will ring so you have a choice of which to use. You may be sitting in front of your computer, but it often makes more sense to conduct voice calls using a mobile handset.

Active Endpoint is starting to rollout now, so you should find that it hits your account in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the new feature? Are you pleased to see the number of notifications you receive being reduced?