Skype Video calling helps a fitness trainer and his clients

Michael Cottuli

If you’re looking for a personal trainer but can’t find one in your immediate vicinity, there may be a new wave of fitness training that could help you out. The latest story to be featured on the Skype blog came from Matt Swierzynski, a personal trainer based out of West Yorkshire, England that has expanded his business internationally.

The backbone of Matt’s international business comes from Skype’s video calling feature, which he uses to visually train his clients how to perform exercises. He also likes to use the face-to-face calling as a way to better encourage his clients, and create an all-around healthy environment for personal growth and fitness.

Matt’s “Skypercise” sessions can go from one-on-one to entire classrooms full of people, and they seem like they’re having quite a positive impact on his clients. If you want to learn a bit more about Matt’s tips on fitness, you can check out his website, where he hosts a personal training blog with some good tips on how to improve your fitness.