Skype UWP app drops “Preview” tag, but it’s still a work in progress

Laurent Giret

Following the launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update last year, Microsoft moved away from its task-focused, Skype integrated apps to introduce a new Skype UWP client that works on PCs, phones, HoloLens and the Xbox One. The app received several new features over the past couple of months, and it has finally dropped the Preview tag with the latest version

For now, the update seems to be only available on PCs and phones on the Release Preview Ring. There are some interesting new features on mobile, such as the ability to use your Skype Credit to send SMS text messages. Here is the full changelog:

  • We’ve simplified the way your contacts on Skype connect with the People app on your device.
  • Messaging – searchable chats, keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips and send SMS with a little Skype Credit.
  • Group video calling – the new redesigned view brings everyone even closer together.

On Windows 10 Mobile, the Skype UWP app can be set as the default messaging app, letting you use the SMS Relay feature to send and receive text messages from your Windows 10 PC. However, compared to the old Skype Windows Phone app (or even the Windows 10 Messaging app), the UWP client still lacks some basic features:

  • For one, the Live Tile can’t show you your latest messages.
  • The app is still not integrated with system sharing, which means you can’t use the share button to quickly share pictures, urls and more with the Skype UWP app
  • Lastly, You still can’t use the app to turn a phone call into a Skype video call, a feature that was supported with the old Windows Phone app.

Skype UWP Windows 10 Mobile
The app is still not integrated with system sharing and the native phone app.

Overall, the app stills seems to be a work in progress that is still hard to recommend as the default messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile. However, it’s quite different on Windows 10 PCs, where the Skype UWP client seems faster and lighter than the legacy desktop app. Sound off in the comments if you think the app needs more polishing to become a must have on Windows 10 devices.