Skype team addresses security concerns, notifies users on how to keep accounts safe

Arif Bacchus

In our modern world where everything needs a password, it is ever so common for people to reuse passwords across various websites and services. Keeping with this, yesterday, the Skype team took to their blog to explain how customers should protect their accounts from breaches.

Although the Skype team was sure to mention that they have not discovered any data breaches of Skype systems, they did point out that they have observed an increase in unauthorized access to Skype accounts using valid passwords “replayed” from other sites. This so, the team pointed out that they take steps to protect the security of customer’s accounts. They explain:

We take steps to protect the security of our customers’ accounts. For example, if we develop a reasonable belief that a bad actor is in possession of an account’s credentials, we will notify the customer whenever possible and require a password reset at next login. Help us to help keep Skype secure. Follow these easy steps:
– Combine your Skype account and your Microsoft  account for better account protection and recoverability. Follow the simple steps in the blog here.
– Make sure you are keeping your account safe using the guidance here.

It was also explained that there are other practices which can reduce the risk of having an online account being comprimised, or having your contacts be targetted by spam and phishing attempts.  Such practices include always avoid opening suspicious or unsolicited messages or e-mail, never responding to or clicking any links in spam, and avoiding providing personal or financial information in an e-mail or chat.

Which steps do you take to secure your online accounts or Skype account? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!