Skype scores update on iOS, with clickable message info and better multitasking

Mark Coppock

Skype is one of Microsoft’s most-often updated apps, and that’s true for all of their supported platforms. The iOS version is the latest to receive an update, to version 6.6, and this one’s more than just a bug fix.
First up, message information is now clickable, specifically phone numbers, addresses, times, and dates. They’ll be highlighted in messages, and clicking them results in the logical actions. iOS users should find this behavior familiar, and quite welcome.
Microsoft has catered to us lazy folks who would rather watch than read by providing a quick video outlining this new feature:

Additionally, active Skype calls, both audio and video, now enjoy banners that take you back to the call when you’ve jumped out to check messages or contacts. Finally, there’s a new unread message counter in instant messaging mode showing you what you’re missing in all of your other conversations.
Now you know what you're missing.
Now you know what you’re missing.

If you’re not running Skype on your iPhone or iPad, then you should be. If you are, go hit update, otherwise click on the link below to get Skyping.
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