Skype releases changelog for new Windows 10 UWP app features

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has released a new update for its Skype UWP app yesterday, and the changelog for the version 11.18.614.0 is quite interesting. There is just one problem, we’re not seeing all these additions on our Windows 10 PCs and phones yet, which means that the new features could be rolling out gradually to consumers.

One of the most interesting additions is the “Reactions” feature that was recently introduced on the Skype Preview app on iOS and Android. Once it’s enabled, you should see a new emoticon next to all Skype messages, and you can use it to leave a reaction like a thumbs up or a heart emoticon on all messages.

Reactions on the Skype Preview iOS app.

Additionally, the app should finally be integrated with the native share menu on Windows 10 devices, making it easier to share URLs or pictures from the Photos app. This addition will be especially important for Windows 10 Mobile users out there who set the Skype UWP as their default messaging app.

Here is the full changelog:

Our modern, new look helps you get to calls and conversations faster:

  • Start new conversations, see your profile and visit the dial pad all from the top of the screen.
  • Make changes to your settings via the profile.
  • Tell us what you think about the new design using the Send feedback option in your profile.

React to messages with a range of fun emoticons.

  • To leave a reaction, simply tap the emoticon button next to a message.
  • To see who else left a reaction, tap any reaction below a message.

Connect with family anywhere with your My family group chat. Haven’t set up a family yet? Create one now.

Share files, videos, photos, links and more directly to Skype. Click the Windows share charm and select Skype.

As we said, all these new features have yet to appear on our end, but we’re quite excited to give them a try. Let us know in the comments if you already have access to them on your Windows 10 PC or phone.