Skype Preview for Mac updates with a fix that fixes, well, everything

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft has been working on bringing its new Skype experience to Mac users with a separate Skype Preview app, where users who are interested in getting early can try out the new design and features.

Since release however, the Skype Preview for Mac app hasn’t been working that well, making it almost unusable for anything that involved messaging… which is what Skype is for, after all. For some, messages in conversations wouldn’t load no matter what you did, despite being able to see the most recent message in a conversation in the conversations sidebar. On top of this, sometimes even the conversations sidebar wouldn’t show anything.

Luckily for those on Mac, Microsoft has now released an update that fixes the issue. After updating, a new notification pops-up that displays an error, but after waiting 2-3 minutes, the Skype Preview app should finally work.

This latest update brings Skype Preview for Mac to version

You can grab the Skype Preview for Mac app here.