Skype on mobile reaches 1 billion downloads

Arif Bacchus

About seven years ago the Skype team made a foray into the iTunes app store with their very first iPhone app.  Today, though, the Skype team has announced that Skype mobile has been downloaded over one billion times worldwide.

Users around the world have clearly contributed to Skype’s growth, and the Microsoft service has been released on all sorts of platforms since the iTunes app store launch back seven years ago. A few of these mobile platform milestones include when Skype launched on Android October of 2010, when Skype was released for iPads in 2011, and in 2015 when Skype was released for wearable devices.

The Skype team is always trying to provide the best possible experience, and with 1 billion users downloads strong, all users have helped make this moment in Skype history. So, you can continue to improve Skype and contribute to the experience by posting in the Skype Community, or even contacting Skype support.

As always, it is best to download the latest version of the Skype app in order to gain the best possible call quality, messaging, and group video experiences.  For those who are curious to try the next generation of Skype, though, a UWP version of the Skype app is currently in a preview mode for Windows Insiders. Similarly, a UWP Windows 10 Mobile version of the app will also release soon.