Skype makes its Privacy Statement prettier to "make it easier for you to understand and review"

Sean Cameron


Reading the fine print of any document is a notoriously difficult process. Without any kind of magnification aid, the process is akin to gently frying one’s eyeballs.

So, although the news that Skype is only updating the look of its Privacy Statement may seem underwhelming, the reality is a little more exciting. This small move goes a great distance towards increasing the transparency of the organization as a whole, highlighting the information that is typically hidden from the consumer, almost at all costs. The firm said,

“At Skype, we want to make it easier for you to understand and review the important documents that relate to our products and services…We have simply updated the language in some places to ensure consistency with the language used in other Microsoft privacy statements and have made clarifications and simplifications to help our customers understand the ways we use information as part of delivering a Skype experience that delights our customers”

This move is highly welcomed, hopefully more will follow suit.

Are you a Skype user? Does this affect your perceptions? Let us know in the comments below.