Skype for iOS updated with holiday video feature and more

Mark Coppock

Skype for iPhone Update Valentines Day

Microsoft Skype has morphed into a pretty effective cross-platform communications tool. Whether you’re running iOS, Android, Windows, or a Mac, there’s a Skype client for you to use that’s probably fairly full-featured.

Today, Microsoft posted an update to Skype for iPhone and iPad that adds some new stuff for the holidays. Here’s what’s new in version 6.30:

· Spread a little extra holiday cheer! Share a personalized holiday video message with your loved ones. Tap on the snowflake button next to the Skype logo to get started.
· Notifications are now removed from the Notification Center when the Skype app is launched – decluttering is a good thing.
· Have you ever accidentally closed the app during a group call and were unable to join? Now you can easily rejoin group calls.

Go to the App Store and hit update. You can also download Skype from the link below.

Price: Free+