Skype “classic” for Windows desktop is once again available to download

Laurent Giret

If you still not ready to embrace Microsoft’s redesigned Skype app, you can once again download the “classic” Skype app for Windows desktop. Microsoft has quietly updated the app to version 7.41, and it’s once again available to download from the Skype website.

Last month, Microsoft had to pull the installer for the legacy app due to a security issue, and this was met with some backlash from users. Despite Microsoft’s efforts to push modern versions of Skype such as the new Electron-based app (Skype v8) or the Skype for Windows 10, power users may still prefer the “classic” app and its support for multiple windows, advanced notifications, and more.

It is good that Microsoft is still supporting “classic” Skype, but this app probably won’t get any new features going forward. Microsoft is now completely focused on the new cross-platform app, which gets new updates every two weeks or so. Skype for Windows 10 is also frequently updated, but this modern app still lacks support for some features such as Skype add-ins.