Skype to be tightly integrated throughout Windows 10, allowing easy communication across devices

Sean Cameron


Since its acquisition of Skype back in 2009, Microsoft has worked hard to integrate the service across the entirety of its business portfolio, while also allowing the service to maintain the unique flavor that users love.

Following the announcement of Windows 10, it has been revealed that this integration is to go a step further, with Skype becoming a complete part of the core Windows 10 experience, being built directly into messaging across the unified software platform. This will allow users to call and message one another via this service without first having to install a separate app, holding true to the old Windows Phone dream of a unified, simple messaging experience.

This will also make finding friends who use the platform a little easier, as Skype will also be further integrated into the contacts of users, making the whole process of calling and messaging individuals across various services as easy as possible.

Skype to see tighter cross-device integration in Windows 10

“With the built-in Skype experience you can send free messages over the internet straight from the taskbar, and on your phone send text messages and free Skype to Skype messages – all from the same place – it’s your choice,” Microsoft explains.

Users who wish to be among the first to be a part of this new experience will be given the ability to do so through the Windows Insider program, which will also be made available on Windows Phone for the general public in February.

Skype to see tighter cross-device integration in Windows 10

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