Skype bakes Android Wear support into latest Android app update

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Skype team has been hitting the update button with some alacrity lately. First it was Apple Watch support, then those nifty Mojis that let us express ourselves in movies, and now it’s support for Google’s Wear smartwatch platform baked into the latest Skype for Android release. While we could comment here on Google’s support of Microsoft’s platform, we won’t, and instead we’ll just be happy that Skype is spreading the love around.
Android Wear is a nice smartwatch OS, if you’re carrying around an Android and iOS device, and Skype seems to be covering all the bases. From the Google Play notes:

What’s New
Added support for Android Wear and more!
• Messaging – Get notifications and view messages on your Android Wear device.
• Reply – Quickly respond to messages by speaking to your wrist, sending emojis, or choosing a pre-written response.
• Calls – Accept or decline calls, mute ongoing conversations, or hang up on your Android Wear device.
• Skype Mojis: Send short clips from your favorite movies and TV shows in a Skype chat.

Skype on Android Wear.
Skype on Android Wear.

All the basics seem to be there, and Moji support should be fun. If you’re sporting a Moto 360 or other nifty Android Wear device, then head on over and update Skype. It looks like you’ll be happy you did.
Developer: Skype
Price: Free