SkyDrive uploads now 2x faster, now shows your pictures in a timeline or filmstrip view


SkyDrive uploads now 2x faster

Microsoft has revealed in an official SkyDrive blog post that the cloud service now features faster upload times as well as new features. SkyDrive users can now see their photos in a timeline or filmstrip view.

Rolling out over the next 48 hours is a new feature called “timeline view” for your SkyDrive albums and folders. This new feature makes it easier to see all your photos based on the date. You can even click the month name to visit that month in the timeline. “In the timeline view you can scroll down to navigate through all the images. They’re organized into groups by event and time. Take 20 pictures at a birthday party with your phone, and then a photo of your parking spot at the airport a few hours later? Now they’ll appear as two different groups in the timeline,” Microsoft explains. SkyDrive will also feature a filmstrip view, so you can see your photos in a slideshow.

Microsoft has also improved the performance with SkyDrive. According to Microsoft, SkyDrive users were complaining that it took too long to upload via the SkyDrive desktop app. Microsoft has now tweaked the server code and the app to improve upload times by as much as 2x to 3x.

Microsoft has also enabled full resolution uploads of photos and videos from Windows Phone 8 as well. The software giant has also added thumbnail previews for your Power Point and Word files on SkyDrive, to help you find what you need faster. “Thumbnails make it easier to find the file you’re looking for, and so we’re also introducing some changes to our thumbnails view. We worked hard to improve the readability of the files and folders you have in SkyDrive and are introducing new thumbnails for your PowerPoint and Word files,” Microsoft explains.