SkyDrive API helps you build an app on any platform, including iOS and Android


Microsoft recently released an update to SkyDrive for both Windows and Mac, as well as for iOS and Windows Phone. WIth the update, users are able to access files in the cloud directly from their PC/Mac or mobile app. With the SkyDrive API, developers are now able to utilize SkyDrive to build an app on any platform.

Developers can utilize the SkyDrive API to build mobile and tablet apps that provide directly access to a user’s documents and photos, which are stored on SkyDrive. There is also iOS support, so developers can build an iOS app that will store items on SkyDrive. For example, an app that scans documents via an iPhone, only to have it stored automatically on SkyDrive for later use. Not only is there SkyDrive for Android, iPhone, and the iPad, but also for Windows. Users can “cloud-enable their desktop apps” since the SkyDrive folder is similar to a regular folder.