One of the best drawing apps for your Surface just got a huge update

Kareem Anderson

True their word, the developers of the popular Sketchable app for Windows 10 have released their biggest update for the artistic program yet. What it being titled as Sketchable 3.0 is now propagating through the Windows Store as we speak and bringing with it a laundry list of fixes, updates and new features to artist and fans using Windows 10.

Late last week, we mentioned that the developing brothers behind the highly regarded creative suite Sketchable teased the release of what they described as “our largest update yet,” via the Surface community Reddit page. During a back and forth with fans and interested artist, the brothers addressed a series of concerns and questions regarding the new update and the free vs. paid difference within the app, while also being artfully dodgy on the details of the release.

With Sketchable 3.0 hitting devices now, new and old customers can look forward to the following list of new features and improvements that are coming to both paid and free downloads of the app:

Premium (paid app)

  • Symmetry – toggle between one or two axis and position them anywhere on the canvas.
  • Masks – Choose a shape and mark off a section of the canvas that is protected from edit.
  • Stencils – Snap to shapes for crisp lines and fluid curves
  • Paint Bucket – Quickly fill any section of the canvas
  • Up to 32 Layers
  • 34 Blend Modes
  • Adjustable background Color
  • Brush Engine Improvements
  • Bitmap Tips and Textures and the ability to import & export
  • Additional Controls
  • Drag & Drop – drag a file directly onto the window, drop it, and start editing
  • Share direct to Facebook


Standard (free app)

  • Modern UI with monochromatic icons and customizable grayscale selection for overlays and backdrop
  • Mirror canvas to get a different perspective on your work to judge the balance of the composition or simply to overcome handiness bias.
  • X-Ray Specs – peek through the obscuring layers onto the layer being altered
  • Tonal filter – Get a feel for the tonal balance of your work.
  • Three texture pots (2 universal & one tuned for the current preset)
  • Color pots are now stored with the document
  • Color Picker Controls (RGB & HSV)
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Use natural handwriting recognition to name Journals and Pages with DirectInk

With the category of detachables and pen-enabled devices continuing their steady growth, apps such as Sketchable 3.0 are helping put creativity and power into a single portable device for artists.

Head over to the Windows Store to check out Sketchable 3.0, either on a trial basis as a free app or grab additional artistic content using the in-app purchases to unlock the full breadth of the program. However accessed, Sketchable 3.0 is delivering an unbridled creative experience.

Developer: Silicon Benders LLC
Price: Free