Six titles leaving Game Pass August 31, and a few surprise returns

Robert Collins

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Another six games will be leaving Game Pass at month’s end for the second round of monthly removals. The silver lining here is that these games can be purchased for keeps at a discount of at least 20% for Game Pass members before they are removed (Xbox Store links are provided in the list). With that said, let’s see what’s leaving soon.

Black Desert
Black Desert

Coming soon to Game Pass

Thankfully we still have a couple weeks to enjoy these. And to soften the blow, don’t forget that there is still much more to come for Game Pass in the second half of August, including a couple surprise returns. See below for what’s coming in the latter part of August and beyond.

  • Everspace 2 (August 15)
  • Firewatch (August 17)
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (August 18)
  • Sea of Stars (August 29)
  • Gris (September 5)


With the Gris announcement we now have six confirmed Game Pass releases for September already. Among them: Starfield, which will be playable as early as September 1 with the Premium Edition early access upgrade.