Siri vs Cortana battle again in new video ad pitting the HTC One (M8) for Windows against the iPhone


Siri vs Cortana battle again when video ad pits the new HTC One (M8) for Windows against the iPhone

Microsoft has uploaded a new video showcasing the all new HTC One M8 for Windows. In this video, Cortana goes head to head against Siri, showing off how Cortana is the superior digital assistant.

Similar to the first video Microsoft released back in July, Cortana shows off why she is better than Siri in just a few quick words. In this particular video, Siri is shown looking into a mirror stating how pretty she is, as if her insecurities required her to say the words “you are so pretty.” Then comes Windows Phone to ruin her day.

In fact, Siri asks if Cortana sounds just as good as she looks. To which Cortana responds, “well, I have two speakers for music.” Siri replies, “oh, I only have one… and i’m sitting on it.”  Ouch. The HTC One M8 for Windows is considered to be a flagship Windows Phone device due to its design and specs, so it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to throw it in a proverbial wrestling ring against the iPhone. 

“The new HTC One (M8) for Windows is more than just another pretty face. Sure, it has a sleek, brushed aluminum body and stunning 5“ 1080p HD display. But now that it comes with Cortana, it’s got even more brains and beauty. Cortana can do all sorts of useful things to make your day easier – like tell you when to leave to beat traffic to help you make appointments on time. Which makes you look pretty good, too,” the video description reads.

You can check out the video embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Notice the difference between the two voices, Microsoft has done a fantastic job in making Cortana sound so realistic. Do you think Cortana is better than Siri? Do you feel Cortana needs improvements in certain areas? Sound off in the comments below.