Should Microsoft rethink the hamburger?

Sean Cameron


Change is always difficult. Especially for Microsoft, or so it seems.

With Windows 10 on its way, the tech giant is going all out in order to make sure that it has a unified and recognizable design language across all devices. This is easier said than done. With change comes sacrifice.

To the chagrin of many Windows Phone users, changes coming to Windows 10 Mobile have yet to reach the goal of that unified experience. The hamburger menu is a prime example, and has become something of a rallying call; present across many other operating systems, the controversial menu has yet to hit its stride.

As a recent user thread on Reddit stresses, this change isn’t necessarily seen as one for the better by everyone.  The Reddit post asks “It’s been two months since we were told the Hamburger menu was supposed to be used only for infrequent items. Why are apps still putting important stuff in there?” 

In particular, the author goes to pains to note the lack of “consistency”, with apps in Windows 10 like Outlook, Store, Maps and Music all assigning different functions to the hamburger. The matter of placement is also noted, as the positioning of the hamburger throughout Windows 10 Mobile seemingly predicated on the user in question having exceptionally large hands.

Do you think Microsoft should rethink its use of the hamburger menu? Let us know in the comments below.