Shazam for Windows Phone updated with recommended songs, more

Sean Cameron


Unlike other apps developers, despite Windows Phone’s general lack of success in the wider world and the widespread neglect of the Windows Phone Store, Shazam has maintained a consistent presence on both platforms.

Not only that, but the developers behind Shazam have consistently been working to improve their app, delivering a number of updates across the years. True to form, another has come, bringing with it a number of new features.

The first of these allows the app to recommend new songs to users based on their browsing and listening history. If its ever been the case that you’ve been stuck for something new to listen to, this will likely be right up your alley. Users can now also preview Shazams using Xbox Music Playbox and can also now add songs from the Shazam chart to their ‘My Shazam’ section.

Microsoft is currently featuring Shazam as its app of the week, and if you have ever heard a song, liked it, and yet didn’t know the title or artist, this app is for you.

Do you use Shazam? Will you be making use of these new features? Let us know in the comments below.

Editor’s note: The headline has been updated. The Shazam app for Windows 8.1 was not updated today, just the app for Windows Phone. The Shazam app for Windows 8.1 was last updated in 2013.