Self-proclaimed Apple fangirl iJustine unboxes the Surface Book 2 and comes away impressed

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft, Surface

The Surface Book 2 is out in the wild, being offered up to tech journalists and other influencers who are willing to show the hardware off to their fans. One of the more interesting unboxings has come from iJustine, one of the most iconic vloggers to come out of the YouTube platform, and a self-proclaimed Apple fangirl.

While many Apple fans might be resistant to the Surface Book 2, iJustine came away fairly impressed. She compares the laptop to the Macbook on a few occasions, takes a look at the Surface Dial, and remarks on some of the unique features like facial recognition and tablet mode.

If you’re not already sold on the Surface Book 2 and want a second opinion, Justine is a charismatic personality who does a good job summing it all up. She’s been around since the early days of YouTube vlogging, so her name carries a pretty significant amount of weight around all sorts of communities.