Seagate CEO Stephen Luczo steps down from Microsoft’s board of directors


Seagate CEO Stephen Luczo steps down from Microsoft's board of directors

Seagate’s Chairman and CEO, Stephen J. Luczo, has stepped down from Microsoft’s board of directors. Luczo joined the company 2 years ago and was part of company’s CEO search committee.

“It has been a pleasure serving on the Microsoft board, and helping to guide the company through such a historic period of change and reinvention,” said Luczo.

Now that Microsoft has found its CEO, Luczo believe he has done his part with Microsoft and now can focus on his storage company. “With the CEO search completed and Satya off to a strong start, this felt like an appropriate time to make this change so I can turn my full attention to leading Seagate. Seagate and Microsoft have a long history of working together, and I look forward to continued collaboration and partnership under Satya’s leadership,” he added.

“I want to thank him for his contributions to the board and to Microsoft during his tenure. I appreciate his service.”, said Bill Gates, founder and technology advisor of Microsoft. “Steve brought thoughtful industry insights and perspective to the board,” he added.

“Steve has been an excellent board member, and I particularly appreciate all of his hard work as a member of the CEO search committee,” said John W. Thompson, chairman of the Microsoft board. “Steve also played an important role in helping to craft a compensation plan that tightly links CEO pay to shareholder returns, as chair of the compensation committee.”

With Luczo leaving the board of director position, Microsoft is now left with 10 board members. These board members include, former CEO Steve Ballmer, founder and technology advisor Bill Gates, chief executive officer of Virtual Instruments John W. Thompson, and seven other people. Interestingly, seven of the board members are independent of Microsoft.