Sea of Thieves’ seventh Adventure, The Siren’s Prize, goes live today (September 15)

Robert Collins

Live now until September 29 is the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, titled The Siren’s Prize.

This seventh Adventure challenges players to explore the game’s undersea labyrinths and sunken shipwreck spires in search of stolen treasures. Specifically, players will be tasked with recovering a trio of lost artefacts claimed by the Sirens as trophies long ago. These artefacts are needed by the Pirate Lord’s allies to fend off a looming resurrection of “The Ancients.”

Sea of Thieves - The Sirens Prize

You can rest assured that these artefacts will be jealously guarded, and that the Siren’s abyssal abodes will be riddled with all manner of fiendish traps to ward off potential aquatic archaeologists.

Should you prevail in attaining all three artefacts, reunite these lost treasures in a ritual atop a stormy cliffside. When you’re ready to start your Adventure, speak to Larinna. And if you missed out on previous Adventure, check out the Adventures Ahead articles to get your bearings before starting out.

And to learn more about The Siren’s Prize Adventure, check out the Sea of Thieves website. If you are new to the game, you may want to visit the Pirate Academy to hone your pirate skills.

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