Say hello in Welsh: Microsoft offers support for one of world’s oldest languages


Say hello in Welsh, Microsoft adds support for one of world's oldest language

Microsoft has teamed up with the Welsh Assembly to provide support for Welsh language in the Bing Translator app,, as well as Office. Welsh is one of the world’s oldest languages and due to revisions in a law dating back to 2012, requiring the public to use English and Welsh equally, many citizens have faced issues conversing between the two languages.

Users will now be able to use the Translator app to convert to and from Welsh and any other language. However, both Microsoft and Welsh Assembly state that the conversion isn’t 100% reliable as of yet. “The introduction of Welsh in Microsoft Translator is a great step forward in bilingual working and should help facilitate the use of machine translation to allow more people to communicate bilingually.”

“The language system allows more people to communicate bilingually, saves time and reduces costs for professional translators – but is not intended to replace professional translation for formal communication and documents.”

The language has been added to the Translator app, which is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, as well as