Save 15% on a refurbished Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 from the Microsoft Store

Laurent Giret

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, HoloLens

When Microsoft introduced the first 2-in-1 Surface tablets back in 2012, it wasn’t exactly clear what the company wanted to achieve with its own hardware. Back then, Microsoft’s hybrid tablets were quite compromised devices: the Surface RT introduced the confusing Windows RT while the original Surface Pro was bulky and had poor battery life.

However, Microsoft’s strategy became a lot clearer in 2014 when Microsoft introduced the third generation of Surface hybrids and dropped Windows RT as well: Microsoft is now focused on building a new product category of aspirational devices that will delight Windows enthusiasts as well as encourage OEMs to improve their own hardware offerings.

As of today, Microsoft’s Surface 2-in-1s are not exactly cheap and it also worth reminding that the company often puts its Surface devices against Apple devices in its own ads. However, the US Microsoft Store has now started selling refurbished Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices and all models are 15% cheaper than the regular ones (via Neowin). Here is what Microsoft is saying about these Refurbished Surface devices:

Each refurbished Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book undergo a rigorous refurbishing process that includes hardware and cosmetic quality inspections, software updating, and diagnostic testing. And all refurbished Surface devices are backed by a manufacturer’s limited one-year hardware warranty.

Refurbished Surface devices on the US Microsoft Store.
Refurbished Surface devices on the US Microsoft Store.

More details about the prices of the refurbished Surface hardware below:

Refurbished Surface Pro 4

  • 128GB / Intel Core m3 / 4G Ram: $764.00 (save $135)
  • 128GB / Core i5 / 4GB RAM: $849.00 (save$150)
  • 256GB / Core i5 / 8GB RAM: $1,104.00 (save $195)
  • 256GB / Core i7 / 16GB RAM: $1,529.00 (save 270

Refurbished Surface Book

  • 128GB / Core i5 / 8GB RAM: $1,274 (save $225)
  • 256GB / Core i5 / 8GB RAM / dGPU: $1,614 (save $285)
  • 256GB / Core i7 / 8GB RAM / dGPU: $1,784 (save $315)
  • 512GB / Core i7 / 16GB RAM /dGPU: $2,294 (save $405)

While Microsoft doesn’t sell refurbished Surface Pro 4 Type covers (those are still quite expensive), all refurbished Surface devices will come with an included Surface Pen. Overall, these refurbished devices seem a pretty good deal considering that you also get a one-year hardware warranty.  Let us know in the comments if you think Microsoft is doing the right thing to make its Surface hardware more affordable.