Satya Nadella to visit India May 30th

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella will be visiting India later this month on the 30th as part of a mission to meet with, “young entrepreneurs, developers, students and academicians” according to ET Tech. While there, he’ll also attend a special event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry where he’ll be joined by India’s top 100-150 CEOs. His visit will be limited to just a day.

Satya Nadella has been Microsoft’s CEO for just over two years now and has made some rather dramatic changes at the company during that time, particularly when it came to his focus on mobile and cloud computing.

The Microsoft CEO made the news recently when it was revealed that he sold his house for $2.8 million dollars which was less than his $3.488 million asking price but he still managed to nearly double the $1.385 he spent on the property when he first bought it over six years ago.

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