Is Samsung interested in HoloLens?

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Is Samsung interested in HoloLens?

Tech industry giant Samsung is reportedly interested in partnering with Microsoft to utilize its HoloLens technology, according to Korea Times.  “Samsung has been looking for opportunities to manufacture innovative, pioneering products,” said an unnamed source.  “HoloLens is a key technology for healthcare and medical devices.”

It’s not altogether surprising that Samsung would express interest in such a concept.  For one thing, they already manufacture an enormous range of devices, from televisions to laptops to refrigerators.  Likewise, Microsoft is no stranger to partnerships in its PC business, and even their fitness tracker is mostly a showcase for what is possibly with the Health platform.

If this rumor true, this could be big news for Windows Holographic, Microsoft’s nascent platform for augmented reality.  A company like Samsung has the clout and resources to establish HoloLens as a bona fide standard, and Microsoft needs this to happen if they hope to become a leader in this space.

As always with rumors, take this with a grain of salt.