Samsung Flow updated, now supports any Windows 10 PC, unlock a Windows 10 PC with a Samsung phone

Jack Wilkinson

Back in 2015, Samsung launched a new app for the Google Play Store called Samsung Flow, designed to deliver some of the capabilities of Apple’s Continuity features, but on Android. With Samsung Flow, users could unlock their Samsung Windows 10 PC with their Samsung phone, or send texts, as well as receive notifications.

Now, following a reply to a Google Play Store review in April, where a representative hinted that these features would be coming to non-Samsung Windows 10 PCs, that update is now here (via XDA Developers).

With this update, non-Samsung Windows 10 PC users will be able to use their Samsung phone or tablet to unlock a Windows 10 PC with their fingerprint, sync notifications across devices, send texts, and more.

For this to run, you’ll need either a Samsung tablet running Nougat or higher, or a Samsung phone running Marshmallow or higher.

To take a look at Samsung Flow and get setup, click here to view the Samsung site.