Samsung bolsters Microsoft’s Your Phone app efforts with new Note 10 Dex experience

Kareem Anderson

Once again, Microsoft’s development cycle has been proven to be a bit on the slower side as Samsung just ran a victory lap around the company’s Your Phone solution during its Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked event.

For the last two years, Microsoft has been working on bridging the gap between mobile and PC’s with its Your Phone solution. Microsoft’s Your Phone app seemingly grew out of the failed push for its smartphone to PC efforts dubbed Continuum but offered a modernized vision of platform convergence.

However, during Samsung’s Unpacked event today, not only did the company show off a VM-like implementation of its revamped Dex app but it also managed to incorporate all the features Microsoft has been slowly promising users would be coming to Windows 10 in the near feature.

With a single USB Type-C cord, Galaxy Note 10 users will now be able to connect to a Windows PC or Mac and access a VM version of its smartphone experience on the desktop, fully equipped with the opportunity to use all the same apps and Samsung’s Dex desktop software.

And now, with native integration of Link to Windows on Galaxy Note10, it’s never been easier to connect your Samsung phone to your Windows 10 PC. Just connect your Galaxy Note10 with your PC via the Link to Windows setting and get instant access to your Android phone’s content that matters to you. Now there’s no need to dig for your phone to check notifications, schedule a ride to the airport, or even text. And you can finally stop emailing yourself photos as you can drag and drop photos directly into your email or your PowerPoint presentation.

The revamped Dex experience also supports drag and drop file transfer between desktop OS’s and smartphone. In addition, Samsung and Microsoft have partnered to bring S-Pen support to Outlook as well as pre-loading Your Phone app on Galaxy Note 10’s.

For fans of the more traditional version of Dex, Samsung’s convergence software still supports the standalone monitor, keyboard, and mouse experience but will require and additional HDMI to USB-C connection.

Samsung’s Dex announcement highlights Microsoft’s pivot from its Windows 10 and Windows 10 only focus on Continuum and its growing flexibility to support the increasing functionality Android and Samsung are offering its users.

Interested parties can visit their local Microsoft Store’s starting today and leading up to the official release of the Note 10 on August 23, 2019.