Samsung and Microsoft launch advanced mobile security solution

Devesh Beri

Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces to revolutionize mobile device security for businesses. Their collaboration has led to the industry’s first on-device, mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution, applicable to company and personal devices.

But first, what’s an attestation solution?

An attestation solution, in the context of mobile device security, refers to a method or technology that verifies the identity and integrity of a device. It ensures that the device has not been compromised and is in a trusted state. The primary purpose of an attestation solution is to assure the system or service that the device attempting to access it is genuine, secure and meets the required security standards. In short, device attestation ensures a device’s identity and health, safeguarding it from compromise.

With Samsung Galaxy devices and Microsoft Intune protection, enterprises gain enhanced security against compromised devices accessing sensitive data. Moreover, employees can bring their personal Galaxy devices to work confidently, thanks to the same level of security as company-owned devices.

This initiative aligns with the Zero Trust security model, which is essential for regulated industries and public sector customers facing sophisticated cyber threats. The solution works on managed and unmanaged devices regardless of ownership, streamlining the user experience and simplifying administration.

Samsung’s position as an industry leader in smartphones and its established Knox security platform, combined with Microsoft’s expertise in unified endpoint management and comprehensive security solutions, make this collaboration formidable.

The joint Samsung-Microsoft solution promotes worker productivity and user experiences. It empowers enterprises to adopt BYOD policies without compromising security. It allows access to corporate systems on personal devices, boosting employee flexibility.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in mobile device security, bridging the gap between personal and professional use while providing top-notch protection for security-minded organizations.