Russian retail site goes live with Lumia 950/950XL pre-orders

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s October 6 hardware event is right around the corner, and as with all such events, the leaks are hot and heavy. Not only do we have new photos of the soon to be announced phones, but the Lumia 950 and 950XL are showing up on preorder pages on, a Russian retailer (via
The preorder pages don’t reveal any surprises in terms of specs, but this might be the first instances where prices are provided. Of course, as is also common with pre-order listings that are posted prior to a products actual release, these are likely placeholders and so should be taken with a Siberian-sized lump of salt.
Nevertheless, for what it’s worth, the 950XL is listed at 62,990 rubles, equivalent to about $950 at current exchange rates. The 950 is listed at 56,990 rubles, equivalent to roughly $860. Even if these aren’t placeholders, prices in other regions (including the US), are likely to vary.
The pre-order information also indicates that the smartphones will deliver starting October 12, which should also be considered a bit salty at this point. We’ll be reporting on Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 devices as soon as we have bona fide information, so stay tuned.
Thanks for the tip, Denis!