Rumor sheds light on Windows 8.2, Windows 9, and Chrome OS-style Windows Cloud


Rumor sheds light on Windows 8.2, Windows 9, and Chrome OS-style Windows Cloud

Windows 8.1 Update is already out of the way and its now time to focus on what comes next. Last year, we first reported about Windows 9 and the idea of Windows 10 being a “full cloud based operating system.” These details came from the notorious leaker, Wzor. Now, it appears new information has come to light about Microsoft’s future plans for Windows.

According to new details from Wzor, Microsoft will roll out another update to Windows 8.1 (Update 2) sometime in September of this year, during the Autumn season. Microsoft may refer to this update as Windows 8.1 Update 2 or may even call it Windows 8.2, as there appears to be some sort of heated internal discussion on what to call it. Microsoft is expected to roll out the Start Menu, showcased during Build 2014, in this update.

Microsoft will also release some sort of next generation Metro interface with Windows 9, but we aren’t too sure exactly what that entails. The Start button will also be present in Windows 9, on devices without a touchscreen and on server systems. The Start button will be a tad bit different on touch devices, but no details were given. Wzor claims that Microsoft may offer Windows 9 for free (which might not seem like a wise idea), but that is still being discussed.

Microsoft is apparently working on a prototype operating system called Windows Cloud. This is rumored to be an operating system that requires an internet connection for full functionality. While in offline mode, the operating system would be similar to Microsoft’s budget operating system, Windows Starter, offering basic functionality. This obviously smells like something you would see in Chrome OS on a Chromebook. Could Microsoft be experimenting with something similar?

Again, we must stress that this is a huge rumor. Microsoft hasn’t offered any details on the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 2, nor has there been any information on Windows 9 or Windows 10. Leaked information is scarce and things are a lot tighter ever since the leaker of Windows 8 was arrested.

Either way, we’ve written up this story to discuss the possibilities. Should Windows 9 be offered for free? Would a cloud-based operating system be useful? Sound off in the comments below!