From the rumor mill: Next gen Xbox codename Durango will be running Windows 8



We’ve all read the reports on what the specs are likely to be for Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Xbox entertainment console. What we know so far is that the device will feature an
AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

Now a new report from an anonymous source is touting the information leaked by VGLeaks as accurate. VGLeaks, for those that don’t know, has been providing everyone with inside information on what the next Xbox will feature in terms of specs.

According to this anonymous source, Windows 8 will be at the heart of the new Xbox console. The next gen Xbox will be running the new WinRT framework. “The only thing that I do know for definite is that Durango will be running Windows 8. It will essentially be the full version of the OS, minus the desktop side of things. This means it’ll be running the new WinRT framework, which as a side effect also means that contrary to popular belief MS will be the most indie friendly of all the big 3 next gen,” the source adds.

The source also adds that any app or game that is created for the Windows Store will be playable on the next-gen Xbox, after adding controller support to those apps/games. If this is true, then this means that anyone can publish a game to the Windows Store and have millions of Xbox users snag the game without the need of any expensive dev kits.

Apparently, we will hear more about Windows 8 on the next-gen Xbox at the upcoming Build 2013 developer conference this June.