Rumor: Microsoft’s Xbox Next Spotted in Wild?


As we already know, Nintendo plans on unveiling its successor to the Wii at E3 which takes place in a month. But what about Microsoft? Apparently, sources are claiming that Microsoft’s Xbox Next has been given to a few developers including an unidentified Electronic Arts studio for software development.

As reported, apparently Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360, dubbed Xbox Next, has been handed off to an unidentified Electronic Arts studio as well as various developers for software development. Now, the Xbox Next doesn’t look like a finished product as it is simply a bunch of hardware in a PC-like shell.

As far as whats new, sources are saying that it wont be too drastic. All we might see really is “enhanced support for Kinect with just a couple of alterations.” What remains unknown is the hardware specs.

This seems obvious that Microsoft wants to push the software development for its new Xbox console. Perhaps the Xbox Next will launch sooner than expected? Will we see an announcement at E3? It would make sense for Microsoft to announce the Xbox Next in some sort of fashion at E3, only to take some of the attention away from Nintendo.

We will keep you updated on any late breaking news regarding the Xbox Next as details come in.