Rumor: Microsoft’s new phone called Surface Mobile, has projector, supports Surface Pen

Brad Stephenson

Surface Phone concept art by Casmir Valeri

Some Chinese leaks appear to provide some details of Microsoft’s Windows phone successor which could possibly be called the Surface Mobile. The details were first found by Twitter user, h0x0d, who has often been a reliable Microsoft news tipster in the past.

In addition to the new name (previous leaks had suggested the ‘Surface Phone‘ brand), translations of the leaks reveal that the Surface Mobile will support the Surface Pen (like in the mock-up image above), will be powered by a Snapdragon processor, and will have a kickstand (like the Surface Pro and Surface PCs) that opens as far as 185 degrees.

Of particular note is a brand new feature for a Microsoft device called “Onto Table” which appears to be a built-in projector that can display a full desktop via Continuum. The Surface Mobile’s battery is stated as being able to last for up to an hour in this mode. (This could potentially be a wireless projection to another monitor but many are interpreting it as having literal projection capability).

Two new codenames are also dropped: ‘Surface Peking’ and ‘Surface Slavonia’. It’s unclear what these could be but they are mentioned alongside the word “terminal” which suggests they could be some sort of hardware similar to the Microsoft Display Dock used for Continuum functionality. ‘Surface Peking’ can be interpreted as ‘Surface Beijing’ as the names are interchangeable.

The codename ‘Project Andromeda’ is also mentioned however it’s rather ambiguous and could refer to the range of Surface Mobile devices or even the new operating system which is expected to be an evolution of Windows 10 Mobile.

All of this is pure rumor until we hear an official announcement from Microsoft but it definitely is exciting and does make one wonder if this is the exciting new mobile device Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had spoken about.

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