Rudy Huyn: Universal Windows Apps on the way, 6tin after Christmas, 6tag to follow

Staff Writer


If Windows Mobile users can count on anyone to make quality Windows apps, it would be Rudy Huyn. As a self-proclaimed “Windows (Phone) Addict since 2010” Rudy is responsible for apps such as Wikipedia, 9Gag, CloudSix for Dropbox, 6sec, Fuse and more. Of all Rudy’s Windows apps, 6tag and 6tin are two apps Windows Mobile users can truly appreciate. Without an official Tinder app and a lack-luster official Instagram app, even Windows Mobile users have felt the effects of Window’s app gap. However, Rudy provided two third-party options that were not just usable substitutes, but applications many users prefer, especially to the native Instagram app, which is still set to receive a Windows 10 makeover.

Last night, Rudy, who’s now working at Dropbox but still burning the midnight oil with his Windows app development, took to Twitter with good news. 6tin and 6tag will be receiving the Universal Windows app treatment, making these hugely popular Windows Mobile apps accessible on both mobile and desktop PCs. Although he did not provide any other details, Christmas is barely a week away so Windows 10 users will not have long to wait.
If you are using 6tag or 6tin to satiate your Tinder and Instagram needs, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.