RSS program InoReader gains OneNote integration


RSS program InoReader gains OneNote integration

Ever since the untimely demise of Google Reader last year, fans of RSS have been searching for alternative methods to obtain their news fix. While many landed on Feedly, it’s far from being the only option, and now one of those has obtained some Microsoft integration. 

InoReader’s latest update brings OneNote  to all its users. This is latest in a series of features that allow users to save articles for later consumption and share them across platforms. The RSS service already boasted such apps Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote. Now the Microsoft note-taking program joins the ranks. 

“This gives you the ability to curate interesting finds on the web beyond the internal capabilities of InoReader. We know that power users love the share data between apps, to integrate and to make their own unique work flows” the service announces. 

The update is live now and users should see it upon their next login. In order to enable it you’ll need to head to preferences, click the integration option and find the “connect to OneNote” button and setup your OneNote account. Be advised that, unlike Evernote, this feature requires a paid account with InoReader.