Routers and network equipment without hidden access mechanisms


LANCOM underlines “no backdoor” policy

London, Monday 13th December, 2010 – German Wireless LAN and VPN vendor LANCOM Systems underscores its “no backdoor” policy. Unlike many other hardware vendors, the company pursues a high-security strategy that guarantees that all LANCOM products are free from any hidden access mechanisms or interfaces for lawful intercept. This is a crucial advantage for professional network installations with highest security demands.

Unlike in other countries that demand interfaces for lawful intercept, the legal situation in Germany enables hardware vendors to manufacture and market IT security products without any backdoors. LANCOM takes full advantage of Germany’s national legislation and has committed itself to exclusively manufacture products without backdoors and with the strongest possible encryption.

Consequently, LANCOM routers, WLAN access points, controllers and switches are completely free from hidden user identifications or access mechanisms which would enable third-party access that is not controlled by the customer or which would deactivate vital security functions.

The LANCOM access control systems contain no hidden identifications or bypass mechanisms. This makes it impossible for third parties to access the computer system without authorisation from the customer. LANCOM products produce no hidden transmission of encryption keys or portions of keys or user identifications.

Furthermore, LANCOM does not make use of any intentional weakening of encryption processes (e.g. through artificially shortened keys, incorrectly implemented encryption algorithms, weakened random generators, hidden master keys, or transmitted information hidden in the data stream to enable decoding) in any LANCOM product.

”Customers are increasingly aware of the security threats resulting from backdoors and weakened encryption,” explains Jan Buis, Director of International Sales at LANCOM. “Particularly those organisations with the highest security demands opt for LANCOM products to be sure that no third parties can access or compromise their networks without authorisation. We see this as a major competitive advantage.”