Risk and Decision Analysis Software Leader Palisade Corporation Extends Global Reach With Office Opening In Tokyo, Japan


5 May 2011, London UK – Palisade Corporation, the market-leading developer of risk and decision analysis software, has announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan. This new office comes after the release of Palisade’s full @RISK and DecisionTools Suite line of software in Japanese – solidifying the company’s commitment to the region and representing the latest extension of the company’s global reach.

The new office will provide local sales, order fulfillment, and support in Japanese. “Now more than ever we feel it’s important to be there for our Japanese clients,” commented Palisade president Sam McLafferty. “By removing barriers such as language, currencies, and time zones, we hope to fill an important need in the rebuilding of Japan as well as in Japan’s long-term growth.”

Palisade has experienced increasing demand for @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite in Japan in recent years. According to Sydney-based Palisade Asia-Pacific Managing Director Mark Meurisse, “Manufacturing, finance, shipbuilding, utilities, and insurance are just a few industries using Palisade software to analyse risk in Japan. In addition, we have seen strong growth in the adoption of @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software by MBA programs at many universities in Japan. These schools are preparing the next generation of business leaders by teaching them how to perform the quantitative analyses in DecisionTools software.”

Headquartered in Ithaca, USA, Palisade was founded in 1984 and is best known for its @RISK and DecisionTools Suite line of risk analysis and decision support software that adds-in to Microsoft Excel. @RISK utilises a technique known as Monte Carlo simulation to account for uncertainty in spreadsheet models and to quantify the probability of different outcomes occurring. The DecisionTools Suite combines @RISK with other analytics such as decision trees and optimisation to provide the most integrated such toolkit available today. The company also maintains offices in Sydney, Australia, London, England and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.