Retro pixel video game Elliot Quest gets PEGI rating, coming to Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Elliot Quest on Xbox One

The video game, Elliot Quest, has just been given a “7” rating on the official PEGI ratings website. The same listing also confirms an upcoming release on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console and makes mention of a February 23rd release date. Given that that date is today and that the official Elliot Quest website and social media channels have made no announcements about an Xbox One version, it’s likely this date is incorrect or even refers to the date of the rating. Still, it’s possible the game could appear sometime in the next 24 hours.

Elliot Quest is an 8-bit adventure game that draws heavy inspiration from video games from the 80s. It has already seen release on Steam, Nintendo’s WiiU console, Amazon FireTV, and the ill-fated OUYA. Here’s the game description and official trailer:

Elliot Quest is an adventure/RPG where players explore the mysterious Urele island in search of an ancient demon. With 5 dungeons to conquer, 16 bosses to defeat, and countless treasures to discover, Elliot Quest is inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and many other classy titles. Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time. In Elliot Quest, the victim of a rare curse must find a cure before he’s transformed into a demon.

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