You might be able to reorder buttons on Edge’s Sidebar soon

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Sidebar

If you use Microsoft’s browser Edge, then at one point you’ve found yourself interacting with the Sidebar, The feature is essentially designed to allow users to search the internet from a web app without having to navigate to another page.

And while Microsoft has been busy at work pushing updates to the feature to enhance its usability and navigation for users, there’s one nifty feature that users have long requested. The ability to reorder buttons in Edge’s Sidebar.

But as it now seems, tis capability should ship to users soon. As spotted by Windows enthusiast, @Leopeva64 on Twitter, Microsoft is currently testing out this “highly-requested” feature in Edge Canary.

With this new capability users will be able to rearrange and reorder buttons in the Sidebar using their mouse by clicking and dropping the button anywhere they want.

This isn’t Microsoft’s only attempt in trying to give users more control over the orientation and arrangement of things.

In the impending Moment 3 feature update which should drop in the next couple of weeks, users will be able to arrange widgets in the enhanced and revamped Widgets Board in Windows 11 based on their preference.

The feature is currently in A/B testing and its not yet clear when Microsoft will be shipping it to the Stable Channel if ever. If you have access to the feature, share your experience thus far in the comments.