Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8 in the works, Microsoft confirms


Microsoft Windows Phone logo

Just recently, Microsoft rolled out a Remote Desktop app for both iOS and Android, allowing those users to remote into a Windows machine with ease. This marked the first time Microsoft has brought the Windows desktop to phones and tablets, via an app.

But the bigger question remains, when will Windows Phone 8 get an official Remote Desktop app from Microsoft? According to the company, it is in the works.

“Remote desktop on phones is a relatively rare usage scenario. That said, we are working on a version of the app for Windows Phone. We’ll be able to share timeframe at a later point in time,” Microsoft stated.

While it might be a little constricting for some to remote into a Windows machine via an app on a smartphone, having the app on a tablet might work due to the larger screen size. Regardless, it is nice to see Microsoft roll out the remote desktop app to competing platforms. Now we wait for a Windows Phone version.