Reminder: WhatsApp ceases support for older Windows phones this week

Brad Stephenson

WhatsApp on Windows Phone

As we reported almost half a year ago, support for the official WhatsApp app will cease on December 31st for Windows phones running Windows Phone 8.0 and under. This is just a few days from now so current users who are still hanging onto these older devices are highly encouraged to upgrade to the Windows 10 Mobile operating system (if their phone supports it) or a newer model that can run the new OS.

The WhatsApp app for Windows 10 Mobile continues to update on a very regular basis and there are no signs that support for it will end any time soon. WhatsApp isn’t disappearing on all Windows phones.

WhatsApp is an app that connects to a phone’s address book and allows for free messaging and phone calls over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Do you use WhatsApp on your Windows phone? Let us know in the comments below.

WhatsApp Old
WhatsApp Old
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