Surface App update brings UI adjustments and Pen fixes

Kareem Anderson

Surface owners who recently upgraded to Windows 10 are encouraged by Microsoft to head over to the Windows Store to download a new update to the Surface App. For those unfamiliar with the app, the Surface App functions similar to the Insider Hub by housing various upgrades, settings and information regarding the Surface.
Microsoft had previously encouraged Surface owners, particularly those with the Pen stylus, to download and use the app to apply Surface-specific adjustments and updates to their devices. However, during the Windows 10 Insider Preview and RTM upgrade, many Surface owners were left with a broken app. Judging by the app rating and reviews, the app was not of very much help prior to today. Here’s just some of the comments posted since the update;

“Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, this app has failed to find my pen. The pen is paired and is functional with other apps. But, since this app can’t find the pen, I am unable to change pen sensitivity or customize the button function.”
“Love my Surface 3 and love Windows 10, but this app totally broke with Win10 and now I can’t change any pen settings. So I hope Microsoft is planning an update soon because this is unacceptable!”

Today, Microsoft issued an update to the Surface App. The app update includes additional customizations options for the Surface as well as an updated UI. The updated UI should make it easier for Surface owners to find the information and answers they need regarding how to receive the best user experience on the device.
Unfortunately, it looks like early reports are indicating that while UI is a nice upgrade, the Pen issues brought on by the Windows 10 upgrade have yet to be fully resolved;

“Got the update and new UI… Nothing about my pen button and which OneNote app to open. It’s gone!!! I only have pen sensitivity.”
“Clicking the top button has always worked for me, but today when I saw this article I decided to go into the app to see if I could get it to select the desktop version. The option wasn’t there, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still no option, AND now my button won’t even open one note. Neither version. Ughhhhhh”

How is the app working for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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