Recent development build of Windows 8.1 sees ‘Computer’ labeled as ‘This PC’


Windows 8.1

Development of Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) has been progressing at a decent pace with Build 2013 rapidly approaching. In a new leaked screenshot of an unknown but allegedly new build of Windows 8.1 showcases one minor change that just makes sense.

We’ve been accustomed to the term “My Computer” and “Computer” with various versions of Microsoft Windows. Now it seems time to drop that name and use something a bit more personalized.

According to a new leaked image of what is supposed to be the ‘latest’ build of Windows 8.1, we see that Microsoft has renamed the “Computer” on the left side of the File Explorer to ‘This PC.’ If this change makes it to subsequent builds of Windows 8.1, it would represent a change that would further clarify files and folders available on that specific PC, rather than the user having to open up a generic ‘Computer’ link.

Other notable changes, according to the screenshot, is the removal of “Libraries” from the File Explorer. This could be temporary as it makes no sense for Microsoft to remove this feature. Then again, perhaps Microsoft is working on renaming Libraries to something else entirely to make things easier and better organized. Again, this is just speculation on our part.

A preview build of Windows 8.1 is expected this June during the Build 2013 developer conference. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8.1 later this year.