Razer’s first keyboard and mouse for Xbox One go up for pre-order on the Microsoft Store

Jonny Caldwell

The Razer Turret keyboard and mouse combo for the Xbox One are already up for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. The company recently unveiled its lap-friendly keyboard designed specifically for Microsoft’s latest consoles, which includes a slide put mouse pad for use on the sofa.

The Razer Turret is $29.99 on the Microsoft Store, and includes a free $25 Xbox gift card.

The store listing lists the device for a sizeable $249.99 pricetag, so if you’ve got the cash on hand, it could make for a great present for the hard-core Xbox gamer. And it works on Windows computers as well.

To further entice you to spend your money, Microsoft is also giving customers who purchase the Turret a $25 Xbox gift card that can be spend on games, movies, and in-app purchases. So, if you want to keep the gift card for yourself and gift the keyboard, or do it the other way around, the company has your back.

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