Razer is making a $150 Xbox One controller for e-sports gamers

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft might have designed their expensive Xbox Elite wireless controller, but that’s not stopping Razer, a high-end gaming electronics company, from designing their own $150 Xbox One controller. The Razer Wildcat controller is described as a “pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade, console controller.”
The controller is particularly designed for e-sports players, having removable triggers on the bottom of the controller, optional trigger stops, and four-button audio control panel. The buttons on the controller can be re-binded as well to suit the gamer’s needs.
The controller is also made from tough materials like reinforced carbon steel for the analog sticks and aluminum for the triggers. Despite these heavy-duty materials, the controller is about 25% lighter than competing controllers, according to Razer.
The controller won’t be available until sometime in October and will be priced at about $149.99 US (€179.99 EU). What are your opinions on the controller? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.