Rare goes on Twitter to confirm Xbox One Rare Replay exclusive

Mark Coppock

Apparently, some questions arose yesterday around whether or not the Xbox One exclusive title “Rare Replay” might make it over to the Wii U. Rumors were swirling, as they do, and Rare took to the Twitterverse to squash those rumors pronto.

Check out the announcement trailer in case you’re not familiar with the popular title, which allows fans to play a number of classic Rare titles such as “RC Pro-Am,” “Battletoads,” “Perfect Dark,” and “Banjo-Kazooie”:

Note, that you can get “Rare Replay” as part of the Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle over at the Microsoft Store. And, the bundle is marked down a chunk (okay, $50 to be precise) to only $349 during the holidays. Good stuff.