Quick Launcher let users add their favourite apps to Action Center for quick access

Hammad Saleem

Quick Launcher

Windows Phone 8.1 has opened up a lot of possibilities for app developers. It also brings some much awaited features to the operating system, closing in the feature gap compared to rival operating systems. Recently, a new Windows Phone 8.1 app dubbed as Quick Launcher made its way to the Windows Phone Store and makes it easier to access your favourite apps from the Action Center.

This means you can pin apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to the Action Center, and access them quickly. Currently, it supports a limited number of services, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and Cellular settings. However, the app is still in beta stages and the developer is open to suggestions as to what additional apps should be supported.

“Quick Launcher makes your favourite apps always handy! Switch between apps fast as a missile and get the 3G switch in the action center! You will be able to log in from wherever you are to apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and even to the 3g connection settings. All this with a simple swipe to access to the action centre,” the app description reads.

If you think this can be useful for you, head over to the Window Phone Store and grab the app — it’s free.