Python is now available on Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store

Jonny Caldwell

The Python Software Foundation has released a Python 3.7 interpreter to the Microsoft Store, allowing anyone on Windows 10, including those with S Mode enabled, to run applications and scripts written in the programming language on their systems (via MSPoweruser). For those unfamiliar, Python is a programing language available on most Linux and Unix-based operating systems, known for increased code readability compared to that of other programing languages. However, Windows does not come with support for Python out of the box.

It might be worth mentioning that due to the limitations of applications on the Microsoft Store, the scripts produced in Python won’t have full access to shared locations or the registry, according to the source. This is likely the reason why the developers mention their continued evaluation of the Store listing, citing potential instabilities users may face. Microsoft also has not endorsed this third partly listing either, so it’s hard to forcast its continued availability.

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